“We Have Decided to Do Everything in Our Power to Help Internet Scam Victims”

If you have fallen victim to an online economic scam by Forex, daily trade, binary options or Crypto, you must be feeling embarrassed and even guilty. However, you should know that hundreds of thousands of people have been swindled out of large amounts online and it is possible to recover your money. Claim Justice is fighting this phenomenon successfully, giving the victims back their dignity and their money.

Eliot, an Australian in his 50’s, became interested in joining the mind-blowing success of Bitcoin and started looking into the possibility of investing. He found a broker who answered his questions and decided to go for it. He gave the broker tens of thousands of dollars to purchase the coveted Bitcoin, including a managing fee.

"Humiliated and mortified, Eliot came to us feeling he had made a stupid mistake nobody else would ever make"

Upon transferring his money to the broker’s accounts, Eliot realized he had fallen victim to a scam of fictitious trade. When he demanded the company reimburse him for his investment, they told him he needs to pay some kind of tax in the realm of thousands of dollars. Eliot had lost a large part of his savings and was sure there was no way he would ever get his money back.

“Humiliated and mortified, Eliot came to us feeling he had made a stupid mistake nobody else would ever make”, says Mr. Shlomo Blitz, COO in Claim Justice, which provides assistance to victims of online acts of scam and deceit. “In fact, there are countless types of scams one may fall victim to, and Eliot happened to be just one of those victims.

“Usually, the scam is monetary, whether it’s an offer to trade in Forex or binary options, to purchase digital currency or those Nigerian Prince stories in which you are offered a fortune if you just transfer several thousands of dollars. Fortunately, in many cases, we are successful in helping the victims get their money back.”

"Anyone can fall victim to a fraud"

According to Mr. Blitz, “in the past it was assumed that only the elderly or technologically challenged people would fall victim to such online deceits; however, it is our experience that this can happen to virtually anyone. The people behind such schemes get smarter and more sophisticated, constantly inventing new methods, and no one is safe.


“This is why the embarrassment following such fraud must no longer be part of our narrative”, says Mr. Blitz. “Obviously, it’s not pleasant; however, the more people talk about it, they’ll realize they are not alone and they might also be able to become more vigilant. Those companies know exactly how to touch where it hurts most and then vanish without a trace.”

"We will not rest until we see the money being returned"

Claim Justice was founded for the purpose of helping the victims of the ever-growing world of financial deceptions, whether they are cases like Eliot’s or companies offering trading with Forex, Crypto and binary options. “We have a variety of tools and means we use to get our clients’ money back and we shall not rest until we show them the optimum result”, explains Mr. Blitz.

In his words, “if you have fallen victim to an online scam or fraud, the most important thing is to act as soon as possible. As time passes, the chance of getting your money back diminishes. We, for example, deal with cases that took place as far as five years back. We cannot promise you’ll get your money back; however, the sooner you approach us, the better the odds of us helping.”

In order to determine your chance of getting your money back, please contact us:

International activity from the US to Singapore

Our company deals with rackets worldwide. “Whether the scammer is in Russia or in Kentucky, once the money has been transferred through financial bodie, we can act to get it back”, explains Mr. Blitz. “Among other places, we operate in Singapore, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and more.”

Our company offers an orderly working schedule involving several stages. “In the first stage, we obviously listen to the details of the client’s story: how much money he lost, how it happened, when and where. We had people in real dire straits coming to us, who were diddled out of huge amounts, which brought them to the verge of an economic catastrophe”, says Mr. Blitz. “This just goes to amplify our motivation and increase our endeavors to help those people to get their money and get back on their feet.

Time is critical here. There were people who tried all sorts of solutions, and by the time they came to us, having heard about us from friends, they had already suffered losses and the sums we managed to get for them were significantly lower than they would have been had these people come to us sooner.”

"The web is infested with swindlers and scammers"

In the next stage of the process, the company has at its disposal many modes of action to retrieve their client’s funds. “We turn directly to the financial bodies involved, such as clearing or credit companies, banks or Crypto wallets”, says Mr. Blitz. “We know these are reputable organizations who would not want their good name compromised, so in many cases they will return the money and then deal with the people who had carried out the act of deceit by themselves. In more difficult cases, we can put our legal department to work.”

According to Mr. Blitz, “our main goal is to help our client start again. So, after getting their money back, we teach them how to avoid such attempts to swindle them in the future. We believe it’s vital we provide our client with a toolbox that will help them cope with the times, when racketeers and swindlers are rife.”

In order to determine your chance of getting your money back, please contact us:

Claim Justice is an innovative scam recovery service, established to be of service to anyone who has had the misfortune of being scammed online. Individuals and businesses can take advantage of effective and smooth scam recovery services to solve their scam dilemma in a couple of clicks.

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