Manager? Here’s how to become an asset for your workplace

Manager? Here’s how to become an asset for your workplace

A management course that’s combined with group facilitation, gives you practical tools for management alongside tutoring skills like planning workshops, talking to a crowd, body language and more. Online studies combining classroom studies, allows the participants to study when they are comfortable to do so – from home, work or the nearest coffee shop.


What do managers do when they want to learn new skills or improve existing ones? Usually, the answer would be take an advanced management course. But it doesn’t always fit in their tight schedule and sometimes it isn’t even effective: each participant comes with his/her own knowledge, background and experience, and after they get the certificate, the material can be forgotten in no time.

For an organization, training a number of managers is quite an expense. Training of sometimes tens of employees costs a lot of money. In addition, the organization needs to allocate many resources including a physical space for the training to take place, IT services, an instructor and let’s not forget coffee and refreshments.

A new advanced management course that is combined with group facilitation studies, developed by The Progressive Management Institute, successfully delivers the perfect solution for the manager as well as for the organization he or she works for.

Providing management skills together with organizational guidance tools

Just as in regular management courses, this course combines practical management tools: Sales presentations, building work plans, communication styles, leadership and employee motivation – skills that are required today from a manager in order to build a successful career. Here’s the big difference – in addition to these, the course gives the participants important guidance and facilitation skills like planning and executing workshops, talking to a crowd, body language and general utilities concerning group facilitation.

One manager from the organization that’ll learn organizational guidance skills alongside management, sales and business expertise – could turn into an instructor within the organization that will pass the knowledge to the other employees. This way, the organization saves a considerable amount of money and resources.

Training managers everywhere, anytime

The innovative method includes a combination of frontal learning sessions with online sessions on a web portal, providing tens of instructional videos and exercising tools that allow to learn from wherever and whenever, with the ability to go over  the material again and again. Each participant of the course also gets access to a dedicated informative website for a whole year, where they can enrich their knowledge with any of the content that is offered.

Online studies combined with frontal sessions

The teaching method in the course is different from usual: before each session, the participants start to learn individually through videos, practice and come to the session with questions, dilemmas and challenges. They even apply the knowledge they gained. It is only later they meet with the other participants in the course and the lecturers, to discuss the questions that arose during the process.

“A huge advantage for busy managers”

“In most group facilitation courses, the focus is on the ‘how’: they teach how to stand in front of a class, how to plan a workshop and what’s the best way to pass the knowledge”, says Joshua Cohen, of The Progressive Management Institute. “In the combined course we teach all of the above, and additionally, teach the ‘what’ – the content that the organization would like to pass to the employees.

“The participating managers receive a wide toolbox of skills in a variety of fields. The online portal allows them to learn during the course, and also continue and overview the the material also after it – a huge advantage for busy managers”, she concludes.

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